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Are you familiar with the MTV show The Hills? I hope you aren't. But it you ARE, you might enjoy our latest episode!

I'm working on a Heroes parody commercial right now, and then I should be getting back to my epic stop-motion animation. And as always, we'll be whipping out lots of new SuperNews episodes!


SuperNews at Comic-Con!

2007-08-09 20:58:16 by Dustball

The SuperNews team at Comic-Con!
Check out more pics ON OUR BLOG.

SuperNews at Comic-Con!

First post

2007-07-26 23:56:11 by Dustball

Hmm, well I suppose I can just repost the news on my website here... just in case anyone ever looks at this.

If you didn't already know, I recently finished "Play the Game" and entered it into the Armor Game/Newgrounds "Rock Out" game contest. And won! It was among the top 10 games chosen by the judges. So a HUGE thanks to the judges, and also to Skatehead, for programming it!

I'll be at Comic-Con this Saturday with the rest of the SuperNews team.

(Oh yeah, so SuperNews is an animated TV show that I am an artist/animator for. You can watch every episode online at or check your local listing for Current.)