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Cars vs Helicopter: The Movie!

2008-05-02 23:41:37 by Dustball

This isn't animated, but you guys may be interested anyway. My latest movie:

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We were playing with these toys in the office 2 Fridays ago and I decided to bust out my little point-and-shoot still camera (that can also record video) and shoot an epic action movie! It doesn't really have a point, and it wasn't thought out at all, but it was fun to make!

(Gel controlled the cars!)


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2008-05-02 23:52:46

Man! That really was epic! Good job! How exiting! :D


2008-05-03 00:57:04

That's some impressive camera work considering it's a point and shooter. Now you should follow up and animate.


2008-05-03 01:08:17

this is so much fun!


2008-05-03 02:27:34

This was great! Loved that Michael Giacchino music.


2008-05-03 03:35:09

That was awesome!


2008-05-03 04:14:18

That was so funny!!! It rocked!!! XD


2008-05-03 06:02:45

AWESOME!! That was really fun! And +10 for using Incredibles music!


2008-05-03 06:50:53

Awesome job. I loved it. Sounds definitely did 80% of the job here :)


2008-05-03 10:10:31

I agree with luka.The music is just lovely. I love the scene where the camera is down on the carpet and the little car is speeding towards it.


2008-05-03 15:23:42

That is badass! I loved the sound effects, not to mention the classic slow-motion and panning shots.


2008-05-03 17:03:43

Very nice.

Isn't at least some of this stop-motion animation?

Dustball responds:

Nope! It's all shot live. But I did take advantage of the camera's 60fps mode to get some smooth looking slow-mo. The only shot that really had some CG work was the super slow-mo of the yellow car going off the ramp. That was just done by holding the car from above, moving it slowly, then I removed the hands frame by frame.


2008-05-14 16:48:42

that was pretty epic, great timing and perfect music, I was curious as to how you were gonna control the copter as those tend to be pretty unwieldy, but you made it work with some clever shots.



2008-05-17 15:10:12



2008-05-17 22:27:00

That was Amazing!!

One of the greatest endings I've ever seen.


2008-05-22 02:32:06

Your vid is awesome. Also, after I beat Dad 'n Me, what's the music you used for it? Because it is teh AWESOME.

Dustball responds:

Hmm, I don't remember what music is at the end. I remember the boss music, is that it? I composed all of the music for Dad 'n Me custom for the game.


2008-05-29 17:54:50

I know you probably wont answer me but what did you do to live in Hollywood?

I'm guessing by the video thats your house?

I live in a trailer so your one lucky stud.

Meh someday when i turn 18 i am getting the hell out of this town.

Just 2 years left

Dustball responds:

Haha, well thanks for thinking I'm a lucky stud, but that is not my house. That's the office/studio where we create the TV show "SuperNews!" on Current TV.

I just work in Hollywood, I live in Pasadena.


2008-05-31 16:12:38

very nice1 impressive! that was a very cool ending also.


2008-06-01 09:33:24

WOW can you actually post these things on Newgrounds or is it only flash?

Anyway that a really good movie it inspires me.


2008-06-03 02:52:45

Lol that was cool man, what we do when were bored... the music was a nice addition plus sound effects really topped it off. id give this a 10 if u post this.